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Avid couponers typically have their own language if you will.  When couponers talk, we are full of abreviations.  This should help you be able to figure out any abbreviations that I use if you aren’t already familiar with them.  Don’t worry, it seems overwhelming, but you will be sure to catch on really quick!

BOGO- Buy one get one (sometimes free, sometimes 50% off, etc.  Be sure to read to find out what the get one percentage is!)

Blinkie- not binkie, but blinkie means that little coupon machine you see in the store that usually has a red blinking light. :)

CC- Concealed cash (used when trading)

C/O- cash off or coupon

PPHF- paypal handling fee

BTFE- Box tops for education.  That little box found on a lot of Kimberly Clark products that you can turn into your school and they can redeem to help them out!

DND- Found on coupons and means do not double.

ES- Easy Saver coupon found at Walgreens.

EXP- expiration date or expiring

FAR- Free after rebate (on of my very most favorite sayings!)

FSOT- Means for sale or for trade.

GDA- I will probably be posting this one a lot.  It means good deal alert.  If I post this, you should definitely stop and see if it is something you can use!

HBA- Health and beauty aids.

HT- Hang tag coupon (usually found around the neck of products at the grocery store).

HTH- Hope that helps.

IMHO- In my humble opinion.

IP- Internet printable coupon (tons of sources)

KWIM- Know what I mean?

MFR- Manufacturer

NAZ- Name, address, zip.  Typically used when trading or if you win a sweepstakes or the blog owner wants to send you something!

NBPN- no beer purchase necessary (typically talking about a rebate form from a beer company that will say no beer purchase necessary. i.e. Save $20 off produce wyb $25 NBPN in Utah)


NED- No expiration date.  These coupons are rare now, but when you find them, hang onto them (until you want to use them of course).

OOP- Out of Pocket (means what you actually spend at the cash register).

OYNO- On your next order.  This is usually a coupon that prints out that will be good to use on your next purchase of a specific item.

P&G- Proctor and Gamble coupon (from the Sunday inserts)

Peelie- Coupon that is attached to a product in a peelie manner.  It is good, ethical coupon practices to not remove the peelie unless you plan on purchasing that product right then.

PP- Purchase Price.

Q- coupon

RP- Red Plum Coupon (from the Sunday inserts)

RR- Register rewards at Walgreens.

SMP- Specially marked packages.

SS- Smart Source coupon (from the Sunday inserts)

TP- Tear Pad coupon found in grocery stores.

TIA- Thanks in advance.

TMF- Another one of my favorite acronyms is try me free!  It means that it is a rebate form that you mail in to the manufacture, and you can get your purchase price back (usually with a form, receipt and upc).

UPC- is the barcode that they scan at the grocery store or universal product code.

WYB- when you buy

X- Expires on….

YMMV- your mileage may vary (meaning each store may have a different policy or may or may not honor something)


Here are some typical trading abbreviations you might see should you choose to go to a forum and trade:

H- Means have, or in other words you have something to trade.

ISO- In search of, or in other words something you want.

IDSO-In desperate search of.

IVDDSO- This person is very desperate to find what they are looking for.

W- want, you post that in the title to show that you want something.


It is a lot to take in.  You don’t need to memorize this all at once.  Just come back often and check when you don’t know what an abbreviation stands for.

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I have used coupons since I can remember shopping with my mom.  My mom didn’t use coupons the way that I do now, but she definitely set the foundation for me and my future.  I also recall going shopping with my older sister Julie.  Kmart used to double all of the time and I remember her getting some really great things.  I can say I have been actively couponing for over 17 years now!   Through time I have learned a lot about couponing.  What is too much for our family to use before it goes bad?  How to deal with cashiers and clerks in a positive manner.  Come on your newfound journey with me.  It is an exciting game if you will.

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