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Walmart Double Deals 07/04/11


Here is a list of good deals for at Walmart this week.  If your store happens to double, then I have included the double price too!  For more information on Walmart’s Doubling Policy in Utah, visit here.


Curad Bandages – .96

Use: .50/1 Curad Bandages from 06/19/11

Final: .46

Doubled Price = FREE


Carefree Pantilines – .96

Use: FREE up to $1/1 coupon

Final: FREE

Double: N/A


Spic and Span – .97

Use: .55/1

Final Price: .42

Doubled: FREE


Pillsbury Cake Mix – .88

Use: .50/1 from


Doubled: FREE

Morton Season Salt .96

USe: .35/1

FINAL Price: .61

Doubled: .16


Tic Tacs $1.04

USE: .75/1

FINAL: .29

Doubled: .04


Jolly Time Marshmallow Magic Popcorn $1.50

Use: .50/1


Doubled: .50


Vlassic Pickle Reilish .98

Use: .55/1 from

Final: .43

Doubled: FREE


Dentyne Pure $.97

Use $1/1

Final: FREE

Doubled: n/a


French’s Spicy Brown Mustard 12 oz $1.28

Use: .75/1

Final: .53

Doubled: .28


Carnation Evaporated Milk 5 oz $.76

Use: .50/1 (faceebook coupon)

Final: .26

Doubled: FREE


Newmans Own Pasta Sauce $1.86

Use:  $1/1 (facebook coupon)

Final: .86

Doubled: n/a


Reach Dental Floss $.88

Use: $3/3 from 01/09/11 SS

Final: FREE

Doubled: n/a


Cascade Trial Pack $.97

Use: $1/1 from 7/3/11 P&G Insert

Final: FREE

Doubled: n/a


Advil 10 ct $1.87

Use: $4/2 from 5/22/11 SS

Final: FREE

Doubled: n/a


Nesquik Mix 7 servings $1

Use: $.50/1

Final: .50

Doubled: FREE




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Who am I you ask?  My name is Jeena.  I am a mother of 2 young children, happily married to my best friend!



I have used coupons since I can remember shopping with my mom.  My mom didn’t use coupons the way that I do now, but she definitely set the foundation for me and my future.  I also recall going shopping with my older sister Julie.  Kmart used to double all of the time and I remember her getting some really great things.  I can say I have been actively couponing for over 17 years now!   Through time I have learned a lot about couponing.  What is too much for our family to use before it goes bad?  How to deal with cashiers and clerks in a positive manner.  Come on your newfound journey with me.  It is an exciting game if you will.

My entire goal here at is to help American families one coupon at a time.  We all know that we are in a recession, and times are hard for many people.  Let me help you put food on your table, or show you how to use your money wisely whether you have a lot or a little.  Couponing can bless the lives of many.  Times have changed and I feel that we must be careful with where and how we spend our money.

Frugally Yours,